Solidarity with Bil’in

solidarity with Bil’in, the Palestinian village at the heart of the popular resistance!


Tadamon! is coordinating the ongoing Canadian support campaign for the West Bank village of Bil’in and the villagers’ lawsuit against two companies registered in Québec that have constructed illegal settlements Bil’in’s lands.

Background information:

The village of Bil’in in the West Bank, Palestine, is struggling against the Israeli government’s confiscation of their agricultural lands, on which Israel has now built illegal settlements and a section of the apartheid wall. Since 2005, the people of Bil’in have been standing steadfast against the aggressive retaliation of the Israeli army to their weekly Friday demonstrations against the wall and settlements. The popular resistance movement that the people of Bil’in have created continues to spread to other villages in occupied Palestine. Despite the many wounded and unjustly imprisoned, despite the murder of Bil’in villager and resistance leader Bassem Abu Rahmah by Israeli forces during a demonstration in April 2009, their courageous resistance continues!

In 2009, the village of Bil’in filed a lawsuit against two companies registered in Quebec, Green Park International and Green Mount International. These companies stand accused of constructing illegal settlements on land belonging to Bil’in. These actions make the companies accomplices of the Israeli state in its violations of international law, including the Geneva Convention and the Rome Statute of the International Court of Justice, which prohibit an occupying force from transferring its civilian population to territories occupied as a result of war.

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