Palestinian Diaspora in Montreal: From One State Violence to Another

March 19th, 2019 | Posted in Événements, Gaza, Palestine, Solidarity

    Palestinian Diaspora in Montreal: From One State Violence to Another
    Saturday, March 23rd

    Centre Lajeunesse
    7378 Lajeunesse, salle 212
    Metro Jean-Talon
    Tionni’tiotiah:ke, Kanien’kehà:ka territories
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A panel discussion with Palestinians living in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal), speaking of their experiences with the state violence and discrimination in occupied Palestine, and the state violence they now face in Canada.

This event is taking place as part of Israeli Apartheid Week-Montréal 2019. More information is available here:


*Omar Ben Ali

Omar is a Palestinian refugee from the West Bank city of Jenin. His refugee claim was rejected in 2008, following which Omar has spent more than a decade dealing with the bureaucracy and arbitrary rules of the immigration system. In 2017, Omar launched the #StatusforOmar campaign to regularize his status, and reunite with his wife and seven children. Omar will speak of the violence and discrimination he and his family faced under Israeli occupation and colonisation, as well as his struggle for status in Canada.

*Hisham Shaban

Hisham left Gaza as a result of the Israeli blockade and ongoing violence. After crossing thousands of kilometers, through seven countries, Hisham arrived at a Canadian port of entry in January 2017, only to be turned away on the basis of the Safe Third Country Agreement. Hisham then made an irregular crossing along Roxham Road into Quebec, but found himself in limbo- unable to file a refugee claim, but unable to return to Gaza.

* Irmak Bahar

Irmak Bahar is a Montreal based community organizer. She will speak about her involvement in the Bring Bissan Home campaign. In 2017, Bissan Eid, a Concordia graduate student with Canadian citizenship, was trapped in Gaza for over six months as Israeli authorities refused to process her exit permit. She was forced to carry out her high-risk pregnancy and give birth in the besieged Gaza strip. Following widespread and constant community support and media coverage, the federal government was finally pushed to intervene to secure Bissan and her baby daughter Sarah’s return.

Accessibility Information:
-The venue is wheelchair-accessible by a ramp through the back entrance.
-Childcare is available with 24h notice. Please contact
-Whisper translation will be provided.
– Coffee, snaks, and limited bus tickets will be offered.

For more information:

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