Status For Omar – Time to celebrate

July 10th, 2019 | Posted in Palestine, Solidarity

    #StatusForOmar – Time to Celebrate
    Picnic – potluck
    Saturday July 20, 2019
    2pm to 6pm
    Jarry Park (close to volleyball fields / Boul. St-Laurent and Gounod St.)
    Metro Clastelnau
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—- We will have portable BBQ/grills and some food. Please feel free to bring what you’d like to grill and drink —-

This summer brought Omar the warmth and sunshine that he thought he would receive almost eleven years ago, when he landed in so-called Canada as a Palestinian refugee. Instead, he went through many years of stress and uncertainty, not unlike what other migrants face in Canada. Omar had left behind his wife and seven children back in Jenin, Palestine and had hoped for them to join him soon in Canada.

Omar Ben Ali arrived here in the summer of 2008, after having struggled under occupation, colonialism and apartheid in Palestine. Despite credible evidence presented to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, documenting the real threats Omar faced in the occupied West Bank, his refugee claim was rejected. For many years, Omar was left in limbo- living without status, unable to access services, and separated from his family. It is Omar’s courage, steadfastness and capacity to build community around him that allowed him to continue the struggle.

In 2017 summer, Omar launched a public campaign #StatusForOmar and appealed for status, justice and dignity. The public campaign demanded that he be granted permanent residence based upon humanitarian and compassionate grounds and be reunited with his family.

Taking place over almost two years, the campaign included demonstrations, press conferences, panel discussions, and letters of support. All of this was possible thanks to solidarity from numerous people, groups and community organizations who supported the campaign, attended fundraising brunches and dinners, and generously donated time, money and resources.

Finally, this year, Omar’s patience and struggle paid off – one morning in mid-May brought Omar permanent residency. It’s now time to celebrate his hard-fought struggle and thank all those who were involved in this campaign and supported Omar wholeheartedly.

Omar is in the process of applying to reunite with his wife and seven children, who are struggling to survive in occupied Palestine. This picnic also aims to provide a moment of community support and solidarity for Omar, as he continues to navigate the immigration system.

Let’s come together to show our solidarity and love for Omar!

Photo: Omar at the Status For All demonstration on June 16, 2019. Credit: Ion Etxebarria


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