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CKUT Radio: Reflections on Egypt Revolution

4 février 2012 | Posté dans Égypte, Politique

indy journalist Lillian Boctor interviews with revolutionary socialist journalist Dina Samak

    Photo ‘Marching into Tahrir’ photo via Hossam el-Hamalawy.

The January 25, 2012 demonstrations in Egypt demanding the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) immediately hand over power to civilian rule proved to be wildly successful with hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets all over Egypt.

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Cinéma Politica: Rouge Parole

9 novembre 2011 | Posté dans Canada, Culture, Événements, Politique, Quebec, Tadamon!
    une co-présentation de Cinema Politica | RIDM | Tadamon!

    Lundi 14 novembre, 2011
    Projection débute à 19h
    Université Concordia
    1455 de Maisonneuve Ouest, Salle H-110
    Gratuit. Vos dons sont les bienvenus

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Photos: Cairo Morning Prayer Protest at Tahrir

2 août 2011 | Posté dans Égypte, Politique
    Photo via journalist Anjali Kamat

    Photo: Ramadan morning protest in Cairo, Egypt.

Photograph taken on Tuesday, August 2nd just after morning prayer via journalist Anjali Kamat in Cairo, Egypt, protest opposing post-revolution rule via Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) in Egypt.

Photos taken in the hours after the Egyptian military attack on Tahrir Square protest camp calling for an end to military rule and for an end to the ongoing imprisonment of protesters after the successful revolution that overthrew Hosni Mubarak.

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A People’s History of the Egyptian Revolution


    By: Rami El-Amine and Mostafa Henaway

No matter how it unfolds, the Egyptian revolution will go down in the history books as a defining moment in the 21st century. Millions of Egyptians brought down one of the world’s most repressive regimes, that of the U.S.-backed Hosni Mubarak, in just 18 days. Their bravery, perseverance, and tactfulness in the face of the regime’s brutal crackdown not only triggered uprisings across the Arab world but inspired and influenced protests against government austerity in the U.S., Spain, Portugal, and Greece. Despite the fact that it is only a few months old, it’s important to begin piecing together a people’s history of the revolution to convey what happened and how it happened so that the lessons from this critical struggle can be disseminated.
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Bil’in marches against US veto in the United Nations

4 mars 2011 | Posté dans Palestine, Politique
    25 February 2011 | Popular Committee Against the Wall


Photo: ActiveStills Palestinian activist Mohammed Khatib at protest in Bil’in, Palestine.

Dozens were injured in the weekly demonstration against the Occupation and settlements. The demonstration was held against the United State’s veto of a UN resolution which condemned Israel’s illegal settlements. The demonstration was attacked with tear gas by Israeli soldiers who wanted to crush the nonviolent demonstration. Hundreds from Palestine, Israel and the international community attended the demonstration. The demonstration was also in solidarity with the Libyan people.

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The Palestinians of Israel are poised to take centre stage

14 novembre 2010 | Posté dans Palestine, Politique
    by Seumas Milne Wednesday 10 November 2010


Photo Palestinian boy holds national flag during rally in occupied Palestine.

In a quiet street in the Sheikh Jarrah district of occupied East Jerusalem 88-year-old Rifka al-Kurd is explaining how she came to live in the house she and her husband built as Palestinian refugees in the 1950s. As she speaks, three young ultra-orthodox Jewish settlers swagger in to stake their claim to the front part of the building, shouting abuse in Hebrew and broken Arabic: “Arab animals”, “shut up, whore”.

There is a brief physical confrontation with Rifka’s daughter as the settlers barricade themselves in to the rooms they have occupied since last winter. That was when they finally won a court order to take over the Kurd family’s extension on the grounds that it was built without permission – which Palestinians in Jerusalem are almost never granted. It is an ugly scene, the settlers’ chilling arrogance underpinned by the certain knowledge that they can call in the police and army at will.

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Israël a raison de s’inquiéter

7 novembre 2010 | Posté dans Palestine, Politique
    Rami G. Khouri Daily Star Novembre 2010. traduction : JPP


Photo Matthew Cassel Un garçon tient son sac à dos trouvé dans les décombres de sa maison familiale à Jabaliya, qui a été détruit par Israël.

Cette décision fut prise par Israël dans sa crainte que des officiels israéliens soient arrêtés et inculpés au Royaume-Uni pour crimes contre l’humanité et ce, en vertu d’une loi britannique qui lui octroie « une juridiction universelle » dans de tels cas, c’est-à-dire qu’un ressortissant de n’importe quel pays, soupçonné de tels crimes, peut être accusé, placé en détention et jugé par un tribunal britannique, même si les crimes allégués ont été commis dans un pays tiers et si on ne compte pas de citoyens britanniques parmi les victimes. La dirigeante du parti Kadima d’Israël, Tzipi Livni, a récemment annulé un voyage à Londres, tout comme le vice-premier ministre, Dan Meridor, cette semaine, ayant été informé qu’il risquait d’y être arrêté.

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Palestine: Weekly Demonstrations

1 novembre 2010 | Posté dans Palestine, Politique
    29 October, 2010 | International Solidarity Movement


Photo Israeli soldiers moving to repress popular demonstrations in occupied Palestine.

Many shebab (youth), two journalists and a girl were injured on Friday at the weekly demonstration in An Nabi Saleh. Villagers had employed a new strategy in response to the increasing violence of soldiers and border police.

Demonstrators split up and approached the road from the two opposite hills divided by the valley. The side with most of the shebab was blocked with massive amounts of teargas and attacked by border police. From the other side, most of the internationals, women, and children entered the road and continued the demonstration.

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Gaza left out in the cold

17 octobre 2010 | Posté dans Palestine, Politique
    Laila El-Haddad Thursday 16 September 2010


Photo A Palestinian boy flies his kite through the streets of Khan Younis in Gaza.

Ask any resident of Gaza what their thoughts are on the US-sponsored “direct talks” between Israel and Mahmoud Abbas’s Ramallah government, and you’re likely to hear one of three responses:

1) Surely, you jest;

2) Something’s rotten in Ramallah;

3) Negotiations?

There is very little patience in Gaza for this latest set of talks. They are not only being conducted without a national consensus by what is broadly considered an illegitimate government, but they also completely marginalise the Gaza Strip and overlook the blockade and asphyxiation it has suffered for more than four years.

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U.K., Spain to boycott OECD tourism conference because it’s in Jerusalem

5 octobre 2010 | Posté dans Boycott, Palestine, Politique
    Haaretz by Irit Rosenblum. Oct. 2010


    Photo Sky over occupied Jerusalem.

Britain and Spain will not send delegates to the OECD’s biannual tourism conference on October 20-22, because it will be held in Jerusalem, Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov (Yisrael Beiteinu ) said yesterday.

This is only the second time in its history that the conference, which this year will deal with sustainable tourism, is being held outside Paris.

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